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The LDNA approach for Degraded Land Restoration : Integrated Regeneration

Acknowledging the intricate links between land degradation, biodiversity loss, and climate change, we confront these challenges directly. Employing an integrated approach, we actively engage in the restoration of ecosystems that have suffered degradation, damage, or destruction. By addressing these issues collectively, our efforts aim to foster a resilient environment. 

Through our concerted efforts, we strive to create a sustainable and resilient environment for future generations.

« I believe that the restoration of ecosystems in Africa is not merely an ecological necessity; it is a moral imperative that echoes our responsibility to preserve the rich tapestry of life for future generations. »

Dr. Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and environmentalist

Why Recover Lands ?

Land, a crucial resource comparable to air and water, sustains human life. However, as land degradation gradually diminishes soil productivity, it threatens fundamental aspects of human well-being and security, including access to food, employment, health, and livelihoods. Addressing this issue is paramount for the sustainable preservation of essential resources and the overall prosperity of communities.

Our added value


Including local communities in our degraded land restoration projects is essential, as their active participation ensures sustainable success by fostering a sense of ownership, traditional knowledge, and a shared commitment to rejuvenate and preserve our environment


Incorporating innovative technologies into our degraded land restoration projects enhances efficiency, accelerates the rehabilitation process, and maximizes the positive impact on the environment, showcasing a commitment to modern, sustainable solutions

Field experience

Our field experience is pivotal for implementing degraded land restoration projects, providing invaluable insights, adapting strategies to local conditions, and ensuring practical, context-specific solutions that yield lasting positive outcomes on the ground, while minimizing risks

If you are overseeing the development of a degraded land territory or if your company is seeking high-quality voluntary carbon credits to support your Net-Zero strategy, let’s work together on your next project